Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Family holidays

Hello all, 

Yes it does feel like I have been absent from the blogging word of late, but I have had a good reason.  My family and I finally went on a well deserved holiday.  It’s been just shy of 15years since we went on our last holiday.  Yes I know that’s pretty bad and hopefully it won’t be that long for the next one. 

So my time before we left was spent busily making stuff for our holiday as we were heading to Tasmania (the cold part of Australia).  I made lots of nice things to keep us warm but in the end the weather was just beautiful, sunny and warm, no need at all for beanies, scarves, gloves and cowls.  I don’t think they even left our suitcase. Here's some photos of our time away...

The Boat House at Cradle Mountain.

Looking out across the bay from Sarah island.

The old church at Port Arthur.

Jumping waves ninja style at Swansea.

Beach finds at Swansea.

Looking out across to Wine Glass bay.

Rain forest walk at Columbia Falls.

We had such a fantastic time doing the touristy things that I may have even been too busy to do the crafty things (she says in a hush tone).  I did get to squeeze in a little but definitely not a lot.  Although I did buy myself a few little crafty gifts along the way (new and op shop variety).

So lets do a little show and tell:

  • I bought two pure wool blankets (a single and double), not sure if I want to use them as a quilt backing or cut them up for softies and hot water bottle covers, or even just leave them as they are with some crochet edging added.

  • One of the best embroidered doilies that I have, the embroidery is in excellent condition and there are no stains or tears.  I fell in love the minute I saw it.

  • I picked up two sets of knitting needles; Art viva and a handmade set.

  • Another pure wool blanket, baby crib size for 50 cents (could not pass that up).

  • Another little ceramic Easter Bunny. I might have a slight addiction to these.

  • And my most expensive buy a ball of the most beautiful Alpaca yarn.  It’s so fine (a 2 ply).  I am not sure if I will make a set of lace gloves or a shawl, or it may just be left as is so I can just hold it and gently rub against my face (yes I am one of those people).

(I did buy some yummy chocolates and fudge from Anvers, but really did you expect me to keep that for show and tell.  They was gone almost the minute we left the shop he...he..).

And finally a show and tell of the handmade, homemade variety, a special little Easter friend for Little O. Everyone please met Jenny-Benny (yes that is her/his name given by Little O).  Jenny-Benny’s pattern can be found here.

I had to quickly take this photo before the little hands came in and took the eggs away to be eaten.

I hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating Easter with your loved ones.



  1. Beautiful pics from your holiday Anna and what great op shop finds.
    We went to Tassie for a holiday in July!!! It was a good idea at the time, but very cold some days......
    Hope you manage to get another holiday in before another 15 years is up.
    Jenny-Benny now that's a name for a cute

    1. Thanks Claire. I hope so too about the holiday :)