Monday, July 25, 2011

Final moments

I love the final moments when you finish something that you have been making.  Lets be honest I can become a little obsessed when it comes to making things.  I come up with the idea of what it is I want to make, I dream about it, plan it in my head, choose the colours, gather my materials, and then begin making it.  I will get up early in the morning before anyone else awakens just so I can have some uninterrupted time as I sit there crocheting away.  Every spare little minute I have I will try and fit in a few more rows.  Well I have now come to that moment where I have finished my latest project, a gift for my friend's little one.

I must say that I am loving this program that makes these mosaics (  I was reading Jules's blog and she had an example of how she had used it...WOW!  What a great way to show your stuff.  If you are like me and take numerous  pictures of what you make from every know angle then this is a great way to display it.  Thanks Jules for the link.


Friday, July 22, 2011

My Creative Past

As I have mentioned previously the meaning behind the name Esme Rudy comes from three important women in my life, My Grandma Esme, my Nanna Ruth and my Mum Wendy.  Each one has had a big influence on my life, especially my creative one.  So I thought that I would introduce them to you.  Sadly both my Grandma and Nanna are no longer here, but the skills that they have taught me and my memories of them will always be treasured.
My Grandma Esme tried all crafts. You name it and she probably gave it a go over her many years: patchwork, crochet, knitting, beading, card making, sewing, lead lighting, Ribbon flowers, floristry, decoupage, lace making, embroidery, teddy bears, but she was more well known for her beautiful porcelain dolls and china painting. Many a time did we go to her house and there would be doll pieces laying about on the dining room table. Ones that she had just taken out of their moulds and she was either in the process of sanding down, painting on their fine facial features, or putting the dolls together.  One school holidays I spent a week with Grandma and we made a doll together from pouring the slip into the moulds, firing, sanding, painting on the face, putting it together and then finally dressing it in hand made clothes from material that I had chosen from the fabric stash.
One of Grandma's tea cup and saucers.

A crochet blanket made by Grandma that covers one of our lounge room chairs.  The size is roughly big enough to cover a single bed, so plenty of room to snuggle under on the couch.

Even now I have many pieces around our home that she has made over her many years and some that I hope to hand down to my children.

My Nanna Ruth was a knitter.  From my memories as a child, she always had something on the go and it was usually a little cardigan for one of her many grandchildren.  I was always amazed that she could knit while watching TV and not even need to look at her work or the pattern (something that one day I hope to achieve), and that she could put her knitting down and then come back to it hours later and not worry about where she was up to, she would just start knitting away.  I have been lucky enough to inherit many of her knitting patterns and her well worn tortoise shells needles.

My Mum Wendy is also very talented.  Mum knits, sews, does the most beautiful embroidery and over the years has decorated the most amazing cakes.  Mum and Dad in years gone past used to run their own cake decorating business.  Let’s just say our birthday cakes as children were awesome.  Mum even made and decorated my wedding cake.
I must say though, that one of my most treasured possessions is my Christmas stocking that Mum made.  It was the first of many and over the years how beautiful they have become.  Mum makes her own designs and then embroiders them on canvas.  I have Santa carrying a sack full of toys, my brothers have a toy soldier and a Christmas tree surrounded by presents, my Dad has Santa fly fishing in a stream and my Mum has Mrs Claus reading her favourite books beside an open fire.  When Little O was born it was very exciting to see what design would be on his stocking (Santa on a house roof climbing into a chimney).  And of course with myself and Little O having one, I couldn’t leave C out, so I made one for him with Santa snowboarding (a favourite sport of his).

Not sure if the photo does it justice.  And did you know according to my Mum, Mrs Claus is a huge Tolkien fan.  That's her reading Lord of the Rings (oddly enough my Mum's favorite book).

Mr Claus partaking in one of his favorite past fishing.

This belongs to one of my brothers, a Christmas morning scene.

So with such talent in the gene pool I am lucky and blessed to have inherited some of the creativity that these special women have.  Here’s hoping I can inspire my children in the same way.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Winter sunshine

As I have mentioned before I love making things for other people, especially when it's for new little people who have just come into the world.  It's funny, I had attempted starting this present several times, trying different patterns and colours schemes, trying to keep to neutral colours as the gender of the baby was unknown, and I just couldn't do it.  For some reason every time I started I would get about one quarter of the way into it and then just hit a wall, total mind block and not be able to continue.  In the end I told myself that maybe it was just better to wait until the little one was born and then I could narrow down my colour choices.  And as soon as I got the text to say Little S was born I knew straight away the colours that I was going to use for her.  So here I am sitting outside in the beautiful winter sunshine, enjoying my tea and praying the Little O will sleep just that little bit longer so I can get some more rows completed.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am in love... with my favorite words

Have you ever had a word or phrase that every time you hear, it takes you to a special place or reminds you of a special time, or just melts your heart when you hear it?  I have just discovered mine.

Little O is becoming quite the chatter box. Most of the time it's still him talking in his own little language with a few words here and there that can be made out.  But my absolute melt your heart moment came about the other day.  We were having cuddles on the couch that then turned into a tummy tickling session.  Little O would laugh hysterically as I tickled his tummy, then I would stop (so he could catch his breath), and then in his little voice as he pulled up his top to show his tummy, would look at me and ask "more please, more please".  How could a mummy resist.


Friday, July 8, 2011

It's a jungle out there

Recently I was asked if I could make some more finger puppets for a special little brother and sister duo.  There were some requests for some specific animals (Jungle inspired).  May I present to you the jungle brothers 5...

Again I really enjoy coming up with my own patterns.  I especially enjoyed making the Elephant, trying to get his trunk to stick out.  I did have a few design issues with the Lion (exactly how was I going to do his mane?), but in the end I think it all worked out well.