Sunday, October 30, 2011

Whatever makes you smile

Just a bit of show and tell for today.  I had one of those moments today when you finish some thing that has been an idea floating around in your head for quite some time.

Today I sewed the last piece in place, hung it up on the wall, took a step back, took a big deep breath, let out a sigh and then smiled.  It actually kind of looks like what I had envisioned, and I must admitted I am kind of chuffed with myself. 

I am not one to talk a lot about what I do (or as some people say brag) and I did struggle with the concept of actually doing this blog and the few market stalls that I have done (I struggle with a lot of self doubt) but I am finally learning that it is OK to be proud of what you make.  And if it makes you smile then that is OK too.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bunting Swap 2011

Did you take part in Rachael’s bunting swap?  I know a few people who did in blog land and what a wonderful idea it was.  How exciting it was to receive special little presents in the mail and not bills for a change.  These were my lovely surprises...

To Rachael and Kylie, thank you very much for my buntings they are beautiful.  I still haven’t decided how I’m going to display mine yet (I have lots of ideas running through my head), but as soon as I do I will make sure to let you all see. 

I have taken part in a few of these swaps over the years and have received some wonderful things.  I really do appreciate all the time and effort that it takes to organise so I am sending out a BIG thank you to those wonderful people who organise these swaps (whether I have taken part in yours or not). 
This is why I love about being part of the crafty blog community.


P.S I forgot to mention here are some photos of the bunting that I sent out.  If you received one of mine I hope that you like it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coming back...

Should one ever feel guilty about the time that they spend away from their blog and those blogs that they follow?  I do.  Is that normal or is that because I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure that I do everything or that I think that I can do everything?  Is this a female thing or is it a mother thing?  Wow this is now becoming way too deep. Really wasn’t planning on that. 

Unfortunately I have had to have an unscheduled, shall we call it ‘holiday’ from blog land as my real life got a little bit busy.  Bouts of sickness, an unplanned trip the emergency department for little O and several doctors appointments later, I am finally hoping that things will now start settling back into their normal routines.

During this time I was able to fit in a bit of not only hooky goodness but also some knitting and sewing.  On the weekend just gone I held my third ‘Esme Rudy’ stall at a local primary school spring fete.  Besides the weather being quite horrible in the morning (we’re talking heavy rain, wind and even hail), by lunch time it fined up and the rest of the day was quite pleasant. 

I met some wonderful women who had the surrounding stalls and they were very generous in the advice that they gave me about having a stall and working at markets. To Kylie, Annie and Olivia thank you for all the advice that you gave me.  It was very beneficial and will help me to plan on what direction I really want to take my work in, and for also making the time fly.  It really is a good day when you met lovely people and have great conversations.

So what did I make I hear you ask.  Well I went from our kitchen table looking like this...

Yes they are freaky little eyes looking out at you. having a fantastic stall like this...

To everyone that bought some of my stuff I hope that it brings you as much happiness as it did as I was making it.

I hope that you are all well out there in blog land.