Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Something for my Little O

I like making things.  Any reason I could find to make something for someone I would.  If you had a baby I would make something for you, if you had a birthday I would make something for you, even if it was for no reason other than that I thought you might like it, then I would still make something for you. 

A few months after I had my own Little O, I realised that I had made so many things for other people's children that I hadn't really made anything for him.  And yes it's taken me almost a year and a half but I have finally made something for him... a nice warm winter blanket.  I have made quite a few of this style of blanket for friends babies (thank you Lucy from Attic 24 for a wonderful pattern.  See here for more details,  and I always meant to make him one it was just me getting around to it that was the problem.  I had purchased the wool several months back and I finally decided in March that I was going to make it and that it had to be done before winter.  So I started and when ever I had time I would whip it out and crochet.  I just loved the repetitiveness of the pattern.  It was almost like going into a meditative state, instead of repeating a small mantra, I would repeat the stitch over and over again.

My favorite moment in making this blanket would have to have been about half an hour after I took this photo.  Little O climbed up onto the couch next to me, put a pillow up one end of the couch, laid down, putting his feet over my lap and pulled the part of the blanket that I had made up over him.  So while one end was keeping him warm, I was still making the blanket from the other.  I am still new to this whole Mummy business but I must admit that this moment really melted my heart.  I hope to get many more moments like these.


The final product

I really like how this edging turned out.  I ended up doing three rows of double crochet or single crochet (depending on what side of the world you are from), but working into the back loop only.

A closer look at that edging.

Better late then never...Photos of the Mumsnbubs Market

It's amazing how much you can miss using your camera in every day life when it is not working properly.  I have finally been able to retrieve my photos off our camera so I can now share them with you all.
(The photos aren't off the best quality, especially when you have the sun rising up directly behind your stall and you are trying to take photos, it can make it a little difficult, but I am sure you can get the gist of it all).

I was worried about how I would display some of my items (especially the bunting), but when I arrived I had a really good position right between a sign post and a tree so I was able to hang quite a few lengths of bunting behind my stall (so people could see how they looked hung up).


Monday, April 4, 2011

How do you celebrate your birthday? You have a Pirate Party!

My newphew just celebrated his 4th birthday and the theme of his party was pirates.  How could I not make something for him...

Arrr...Pirate bunting

Happy Birthday B!  I hope you had a fantastic day!
Love Aunty Anna