Thursday, September 27, 2012

Busy as a little bee in beautiful spring weather

No words this time, just some images of things finsished, things in progress and our daily life...




Monday, September 3, 2012

Keeping a couple of little secrets

Have you ever had to keep a little secret?  I have been sitting on two for the past few weeks and I call now finally share them with you.  The two items that I have made have now been safely delivered to their new homes.

The first up is a lovely new Mumma bear for Little B. 


Coming from Melbourne where layering your clothing is everything due to our 4 seasons in one day weather trick I decided that she needed another layer so a little crochet cardigan was made.  As Little B is only 1 yrs old, I needed to make something that didn’t have any hard pieces, like buttons for eyes, so when I came across this pattern in 'Softies', I knew it was perfect.

Little B’s Mum is one very clever lady who makes the most beautiful mermaid and mermen softies so I thought another style of softie might be a suitable present.  Check out Little B’s Mum’s softies here.

(Full credit to those out there who make softie toys especially if they require many limbs.  I struggled with the sewing of the limbs, trying to fit them all in so that when you turn the bodies right way out everything was sewn in place.  I must have unpicked the limbs at least 4 times as every time I tried to sew them, they slipped out of place and were not connected properly). 

My other little secret was a birthday present for my niece Little C.  Last year I made her this little doll, so this year I decided that I needed to make something that she could use with the doll.  I knew that she had a little wooden cradle for her dolls but nothing to put in it, so I made a blanket and sheet set.


I knew I wanted to make a crochet blanket for the top but was unsure on what pattern or style.  I then came across this pattern on my favourite place Pinterest.  As soon as I saw it I was hooked, I knew it was the one.  So off I went following the links only to find that the whole pattern was in French.   My experience of the French language ended in year 8 as I had an argument with the French teacher as to why I didn’t want to be in her class anymore.  She tried to tell me that art (which I was dropping her class for), was not a proper subject and it would never get me anywhere (I then went on to be a Secondary school Art/textiles teacher). 

So what was I going to do?  A couple of the clever ladies in my craft group suggested that I Google translate the pattern.  I tried that and I think a lot of the detail was lost in translation as it made no sense at all. I then decided to just give it a go myself, making a row, seeing if it looked right, if not undoing it and then trying again.  And here it is the finished product.  As you can see I also made a mattress, sheet and pillow to go with it.

I am so excited to be sharing these with you as I have had to keep them a secret for soooooooo  long.

Do you ever struggle keeping secret gifts a secret?