Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Something for my Little O

I like making things.  Any reason I could find to make something for someone I would.  If you had a baby I would make something for you, if you had a birthday I would make something for you, even if it was for no reason other than that I thought you might like it, then I would still make something for you. 

A few months after I had my own Little O, I realised that I had made so many things for other people's children that I hadn't really made anything for him.  And yes it's taken me almost a year and a half but I have finally made something for him... a nice warm winter blanket.  I have made quite a few of this style of blanket for friends babies (thank you Lucy from Attic 24 for a wonderful pattern.  See here for more details,  and I always meant to make him one it was just me getting around to it that was the problem.  I had purchased the wool several months back and I finally decided in March that I was going to make it and that it had to be done before winter.  So I started and when ever I had time I would whip it out and crochet.  I just loved the repetitiveness of the pattern.  It was almost like going into a meditative state, instead of repeating a small mantra, I would repeat the stitch over and over again.

My favorite moment in making this blanket would have to have been about half an hour after I took this photo.  Little O climbed up onto the couch next to me, put a pillow up one end of the couch, laid down, putting his feet over my lap and pulled the part of the blanket that I had made up over him.  So while one end was keeping him warm, I was still making the blanket from the other.  I am still new to this whole Mummy business but I must admit that this moment really melted my heart.  I hope to get many more moments like these.


The final product

I really like how this edging turned out.  I ended up doing three rows of double crochet or single crochet (depending on what side of the world you are from), but working into the back loop only.

A closer look at that edging.

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  1. Wow, the blanket is so gorgeous - love the colour combination!