Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am in love... with my favorite words

Have you ever had a word or phrase that every time you hear, it takes you to a special place or reminds you of a special time, or just melts your heart when you hear it?  I have just discovered mine.

Little O is becoming quite the chatter box. Most of the time it's still him talking in his own little language with a few words here and there that can be made out.  But my absolute melt your heart moment came about the other day.  We were having cuddles on the couch that then turned into a tummy tickling session.  Little O would laugh hysterically as I tickled his tummy, then I would stop (so he could catch his breath), and then in his little voice as he pulled up his top to show his tummy, would look at me and ask "more please, more please".  How could a mummy resist.


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