Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Wow, has it really been that long since my last post? That’s a bit naughty on my part. But it wasn’t like I was sitting there with idle hands, I have so much to share. Where to begin….hmmm….

I guess first and foremost I need to wish you all a belated Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year. I hope that you all enjoyed this special time and you spent it with loved ones, those that mean the most to you.

We had a very special Christmas this year in the world of Esme Rudy. I was very lucky to have spent it with my wonderful family (all 30 something of us). Yes you read that right, 30 plus relatives all together for 5 days in the one spot. This year I got to spend Christmas with some of my family who haven’t been together at this time of the year in over 10 years.  Four generations all together.

And of course when we all get together, celebrations are called for and when you are having a party, decorations are in order. Of course me being me, I couldn’t help myself, so I was in charge of this.

Using my favourite source of inspiration (Pinterest) I was overwhelmed with ideas but in the end I had my favourites. So here was our handmade, homemade Christmas…

                   Hung up above the fire place was our christmas Wreath.

Details on how to make the deer head can be found here.
          Our Christmas tree (wonderfully decorated by all the grandchildren) 

Details on how to make the Christmas tree can be found here.  The link to make the paper star on top of the tree can be found here.
                                 Mini stockings for all made by me.

    We decided not to have a chocolate advent calendar this year, so here is the Santa’s beard advent calendar that we used.

I did lots of cooking during the Christmas period as well. Cakes and biscuits but my favourite would have to have been the choc fudge balls and Cranberry, Pistachio, dark chocolate bark. Every time I made a batch of either they disappeared quicker than I could blink.

Also during this time there was lots of hooky and sewing time, gifts for other people and also a few little things for us;

                         An Owl wall hanging for a special little baby girl,

                                             A Little boy frog,

A Felt fairy for a special little niece,


                    Front door wreath for our home (inspired by Me Me Rose)

                   Peppa pig for Little O (I got to be a pattern tester for a
                                    wonderful friend Bebe Rouge)

Now it’s time to get stuck into all my new projects that I have been saving for the New Year.  Is it just me, do you have a list a mile long too?:)

Happy crafting everyone.


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