Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that

So the last week and a bit have been filled with jumping from one project to another.  I just can’t seem to focus on one thing and finish it.  I only have a few more rows to go then add a border and I have finished the granny ripple blanket but then I get carried away by another thing.  Below is a sneak peek of my new distractions...

I am hoping soon that I will find my hooky rhythm.

Another non craft project that I have been working on is a bit of gardening.  Unfortunately the fence around our vegetable garden was damaged by a certain dog that will remain nameless and he managed to destroy the little garden that we had.  I haven’t fixed the fence up yet (I have basically given up on it) and decided to try and grow some vegetable plants in pots on our deck (at least this way I can keep an eye on them).  So I have a bit of a before and after shot.


It was excruciatingly painful waiting for these little seeds to grow.  Everyday Little O and I would go out and check to see, waiting for their little green heads to poke through the soil.  And then finally there they were.  Now it’s the waiting game again for the edible parts to start growing.  Did I tell you I'm not very good with this whole patience thing.


P.S   If anyone has any recipes for natural homemade pest repellent I would love to hear them.  I have little green caterpillars already attacking the leaves of my green beans.


  1. Hi Anna, have you tried spraying your plants with dish washing liquid and water from a spray bottle? This works for aphids and the such like and may be worth a try. I should imagine it tastes as awful to bugs as it does to us. Belinda

  2. Hi Anna, I have posted about your lovely squares for The Beautiful Blogger Blanket on my blog today - thanks so much for joining in! .. and also I have just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award if you would like to pop over to my blog and collect it...and the rules! :)x

    1. Oh thank you very much. I will pop over and have a look :)

  3. Hello Anna, I have just come across your blog, via Stocki , and wanted to say hi to another Victorian, and how lovely your crochet work is!! ....Also, I just pick the caterpillars off my beans when I see them, i'm a pretty slack gardener! Have a good day! Julie:)

    1. Thank you for visiting. In the end Little O and I have been going out every day and picking the caterpillars off. But no matter how many we pick off they always come back ha..ha :)