Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some 'Ta-dah' moments

I love this moment, the final moment when you have finished something that you have worked on and you can finally say “ta-dah”. I have a few of these moments to share with you today. 

A little before Christmas I was asked if could make some little birds and some flower brooches for Rebecca.  Rebecca had been to our local Community Arts centre where I have had some of my hooky lovelies on display. So now that
I know they have arrived safely to their destination I can show you some  pictures (I didn’t want to post about them before I sent them in case it spoiled the surprise).

 So here they are.  Two little crochet birds...

 and two little flower brooches...

 and here they go, to be sent off to their new homes...

My other “ta-dah” moment came when I finally finished my squares for Jill’s Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2012.  I was very surprised how quickly they whipped up.  The pattern is one from Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Squares  (Square number 55) and I made them using Panda Cotton in 8ply.  I must admit I do love the updates that Jill has on her blog Stocki about all the squares that she is receiving (where the patterns come from and what yarns have been used).  It is lovely to see what other people have been making.  I can’t wait for the photos of this “ta-dah”moment.

 In other hooky news I am powering along with the Granny ripple blanket that I have been making for Little X.  I lost a bit of momentum there for a little while (I got distracted by Christmas), but now I’ve picked it up again and it’s coming along quite nicely. 

Today I am also going to make a confession to you all...during the holiday period I came across a U.F.O (unfinished object).  It is something that I started before Little O was even an idea (that puts it as a few years old).  It was hiding in a box under our bed.  I opened the box wondering what on earth could be in there to discover a granny square blanket that I had started.  The worst thing about it was that all the squares had been made, they had been sewn into strips and even the ends had been woven in, all it needed was to have all the strips sewn together and then a border to go around it.  Something big must have happened for me to put this aside and forget about it, or the other option which I am leaning towards is that I got inspired by another project/idea and that just took over.  Does this happen to you? 

But now I have a goal... I promise to you that I will have these finished by the end of.....

 ...January ....

Jees... who am I kidding...

...how about... February... hhhmmm

...no let’s do... March...yes...

...Yes, March it is!!!!

So this is my goal and my promise to you, two finished blankets by the end of March. 

I think I can.


(O.M.Gosh, just reading over what I have written and does this mean I have a really bad memory or does it show how often I clean under our bed...arrhh)


  1. Those squares are just beautiful . . . and I LOVE the colours. I'm heading over to check out the 200 squares (thanks for the link). As for finding an unfinished project . . . just think of the excitement of finding a treasure!

  2. Hi Anna! The little birds and flowers are so sweet...but oh my goodness those squares are gorgeous! I can't wait to get them in my keen little hands! I'll be stalking the postman until he brings them :)x

  3. Hey Anna, love the birds and flower brooches, they are so sweet. I'm sure Rebecca will love them.

    Two blankets finished by the end of March.......the hard work is done on one of them. Just sewing the strips together, you'll have it finished in no time at all.

    Claire :}