Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I might not have been present but I was thinking of you all.

Have you ever had one of those periods in time where everywhere you look there is something going on?  And you don't know which way to look.  This is where I have been.  A few months back Little O had to be taken to the emergency department and and it was found out that he would need to have surgery.  We have been waiting for this to happen and last week he finally had it (although we did have one cancellation and one chest infection to get through first).  Everything is going well now but for a few weeks there everything was put on hold as this was our big focus.  And this meant my times spent in blog land were few and far between.  But now everything is back on track and there is lots of catching up to do.  And I have so many things to show you (oh I feel like I'm back in Primary school, standing at the front of the class, trying to stand still but just busting to do "show and tell").   So please stay tuned and I will be seeing you soon.



  1. I hope your little one makes a speedy recovery!
    And welcome back :)

  2. Hi Anna... Oh poor little O...I hope he is getting better now...I don't know about anyone else, but I;ll be here waiting for news and to see you back blogging and you usual cheerful self again... in the meantime, look after yourself too...and go to the top of the class :)x