Sunday, July 1, 2012

A little bit of pink

I love making stuff for other people especially when I know that they really appreciate.  In the past I have mentioned that I have made a few things for a friend of mine, J.  A little while back she asked if I could make something for a little girl, something that was pink.  Now I’m not a pink kind of girl.  Growing up the only colour I wanted my bedroom to be was blue and as soon as I moved into my own house with Mr C the first thing we did was paint our bedroom blue.  So I saw this request as a bit of a challenge. There are so many different pinks out there it can be a little overwhelming.  I think I went through all my stash several times and still couldn’t decide on a pink.  In the end I did manage to find a colour that I liked (and maybe because it had a slight tinge of peach in it that I felt ok with it).  So all this talk of yarn you must be wondering what it is that I made...

... a cute little beanie and cover set.

I think the little bow just finishes it off nicely.  A nice little find in the fabric stash.

Again I seem to be having trouble with my images.  I take the photo the correct way but for some reason blogger decides to turn them when loaded and I can't figure out how to reset this, does this happen to anyone else?  So sorry for the neck pain.

I must give my friend J full credit she was able to give me good guide lines on exactly what it is that she wanted otherwise I could still be here swooning with ideas of what to make.  J was able to lead me to this pattern for the cover and the beanie pattern was found here.  Both patterns were such a breeze to follow and they really came together quite quickly (although I kind of got a little distracted watching Tru Blood while making the beanie as I managed to do 2 rounds before I realised that I had forgotten to go through the back loop only, whoops!).

I love the feeling of a finished project but I love even better the thrill of a new one, now what next?


*** I was just going through my photos and found this...

A nicer way to view them, less stress on the neck :-)

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