Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Critters

I have finally finished making a special little present for Master W but when it came to taking some ta-dah moments all of a sudden everyone got a little shy.  Apparently they don't want a big reveal until they are in the safe little hands of Master W.  So for now these are they only snap shots I could get.

It took me several attempts to get a photo of this little guy.  Every time I went to take a photo he hopped away.  At least I got this one of his big smiley face.

This little Miss was very shy.  It took all my efforts and that of the grasshopper to help bring her out.

This young thing kept buzzing around my head.  Finally he settled for quick rest enough for me to take a quick snap.

And no matter how hard I tried to take a photo of this little one all I could get were his wings.  He was just too quick for me.

Hopefully Master W will bring them all into line so I will be able to take some better photos to share with you.



  1. They are just beautiful and will be a huge hit I'm sure!

  2. Ooo they look cute.

  3. Just to let you k ow there is an award for you at my blog