Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pretty Little Finds

I was going through some of the many photos that we have (is it just me but since having a digital camera there seems to be hundreds more photos that we now have compared to what we might have had with an old camera that takes a film roll?). Anyway, I came across some photos of some op shop finds that I found a few months back and thought I might do a little sharing.

I love the embroidery work that has gone into these.  It's makes me wonder about the past and who might have been sewing away to complete them.  Was it some young girl putting together a set for her hope chest, or someone who already had an established home and wanted to pretty it up, or were they a present for some one's kitchen tea? 

I know there has been many a debate on line about finding treasures like this in op shops, should they be kept in their original state or can they be re purposed to make other pretty things?  For me at this stage, I think I will leave them just the way they are and admire their pretty-ness.

And also included in my finds was a wonderful little egg cup.  I try not to create collections on purpose, but I have noticed that I already have about 8 of these little beauties all in different colours.  Oh well, if they make me happy then what can it hurt?

What's your best treasure find?


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