Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trash or Treasure

I love a good market.  Whether it is a local farmers market, art and craft or a trash and treasure, I love going to them all.  Recently I rediscovered a local trash and treasure.  I remember going a few years back but then it was a little one with a few stalls and a bit more on the trash side then treasure.  A couple of weeks ago I saw a poster advertising it and decided I should go back and have another look.  Sometimes C is happy to go on these adventures with me and other times I know he was wishing he was somewhere else, so this time I decided to give him and early Father’s Day present and let him have a big sleep in (which he complains a lot about how he doesn’t get them anymore), and take Little O with me for our own adventure.  Wow! How it has changed.  Besides being almost 3 times as big as it was last time I was there the range of stalls was incredible.  Lots of plant stalls, fresh flowers, homemade jams and chutneys, new products and lots of little trash and treasure stands (and I mean the good treasure).  When I go to these markets I usually go with a limit set on how much money I can spend.  I have been known to spend quite a bit.  So if there is not enough money in my purse, then I can’t buy it.  Only once over my many years of market shopping have I truly regretted this rule, but it does save me from buying a lot of unnecessary things (or dust collectors as I have been told).

So what did I buy this time I hear you say...

well come and view my treasures...

The hand statue being the perfect ring holder for when I do the dishes, bright vintage fabric for only $1 (a meter and a half, what a score!), a perfect pattern book for little people (loving the gorgeous crochet booties), the tiniest  of crochet hooks, a sock darning mushroom (I have been looking for one of these for quite a while, my heart skipped a little beat when I saw it, yes I know very sad, I get excited over the smallest and weirdest things), and finally a bunch of the most beautiful smelling freesia’s I have ever had and the prettiest of colours.  We also stopped and had a little morning tea snack of freshly made cinnamon donuts and lemonade. 

So a successful day for Little O and myself and a relaxing start to the day for C.

What’s your greatest trash and treasure find?


P.S On a side note I would like to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to a very close friend of ours.  Miss A has taken the big step and has moved out of her family home.  She has spread her wings and taken a big leap into adulthood.  Not a big feat some might say, it happens all the time, but for someone who is legally blind and has Cerebral Palsy this is no little thing.  We will be with you the whole way Miss A for whatever help and support you may need.  Love you.

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