Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pretty in pink or purple

As I have mentioned before I love making things for people especially the little ones, and recently I was able to par-take in my favorite past time as my little niece Miss C is about to turn one.  I found this pattern book a little while back and have been waiting for the perfect time to make something from it.  Miss C's birthday is the perfect opportunity. 

When it came to deciding on exactly what it was I was going to make for her I knew that I wanted a doll but what colour choices.  Miss C's room is a mixture of both pinks and purples and really how can you decide on just one colour.  And then I found the solution, why not do both... a little pink doll AND a little purple doll!  So I present to you Miss Rose and Miss Lavender (apologies for the photos, it was a very overcast day when I took these).

They are Topsy turvey dolls. When you want to play with one doll you just pull down the skirt section over the other dolls head and arms.  Apparently Master B (Miss C's older brother who is 4 yrs old) was playing with the doll all night going "Now she's pink, now she's purple, now she's pink, now she's purple".

And of course I had to make something else so here is another little present that we gave to Miss C as well...
The beanie pattern can be found here (a fantastic design by Jennie Harrell).  The crochet flower brooch is my own design.  I decided not to sew the flower so that this way the beanie can be worn without it, or the brooch can be worn on something else like a cardigan or little jacket.

And because a girl can never have too many accessories I also made a pink crochet flower brooch too.
Happy Birthday Miss C, we hope you have a fantastic day!



  1. It's all so gorgeous, what a lucky little girl. I love that hat - I'm thinking even my basic crochet skills might manage that! Have a great weekend x

  2. So pretty :) You are very talented. I have your card from Blogopolis. Can't recall if we met - it was a HUGE audience.